F aculty include a mixture of board members (Gillian Bowser, Jack Greene, Diane Husic and Carrie Lederer for 2017) and visiting Faculty including:

Assistant Professor
Ethnic Studies Department, Colorado State UniversityDr. Maricela DeMirjyn is from the borderlands of San Diego, California, and names San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico as her familial home.  Her entrance into higher education began as a scholar athlete in tennis at a local community college, where she was mentored by a professor in women’s studies.  Soon after, Dr. DeMirjyn transferred into the sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara and graduated with a degree in biopsychology.  Upon completing her undergraduate studies, Dr. DeMirjyn entered the field of domestic violence as a crisis counselor and program manager for a shelter serving immigrant Latinas.  Her work in social services and grant writing then led to a M.A. degree in women’s studies with an emphasis in art therapy.   Dr. DeMirjyn went on to work with Latina/o youth on probation as an education specialist and drug & alcohol treatment counselor for four years, while finishing her doctoral program in cultural perspectives and Chicana/o studies.  Her first appointment as an assistant professor was in Minnesota, where she learned how to fish and enjoy the beauty of the Boundary Waters.  For the past five years, Dr. DeMirjyn has been a faculty member at Colorado State University in the Department of Ethnic Studies and the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research.  Her research interests include critical visual discourse & narrative inquiry, Chicana & Latina subjectivity, and women of color in academe.


Bureau of Land Management’s National Landscape Conservation System

Dr. Madeline (Nikki) Grant-Hoffman currently works for the Bureau of Land Management’s National Landscape Conservation System in Grand Junction, CO. She works directly with McInnis Canyons, Dominguez-Escalante, and Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Areas. Her work is varied based on the needs of the areas where she works but includes; restoration after fire, riparian restoration, wildlife habitat monitoring, as well as NEPA and other government documentation.  Before joining the Bureau of Land Management, she worked for the National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Here academic career included work in Florida, Colorado, Alaska, and New Zealand. She has been associated with the RMSSN program since 2009.


2017 Faculty members include

Dr. Andrew Ramsey, University of Derby, United Kingdom

Paul Foster, Bijagual Research Station, Costa Rica

Dr. Carla Mora, Costa Rica

Dr. Ulrike Gretzel, University of Southern California

Honorable Alice Madden, University of Colorado Law School


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